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Performance Campaign


Running performance campaigns is not just about increasing the volume of my app users but acquiring the right user for the right app. With good targeting, thoughtful creatives and the matching platform we are able to acquire the user with the highest fit to your app. We can drive users to your app with a high conversion rate and a high customer lifetime value, meaning we can optimize on any KPI you are looking for: Registration, Subscription, Purchase etc. Get in touch with us for a first test flight.

“Acquire the right user and
see his engagement!”


App Boost


You want to improve your visibility in the App Store? You want to push your app in the Top 5 ranking? We can do that for you. We can increase your downloads and lift you to a better ranking position. What the App Boost can also do for you is uplifting your organic downloads. Interesting is the fact that these organic downloads do not just increase during the period of the App Boost but up to 50% over time.

“A better visibility in the App Store
means also a sustainable organic uplift.”




Good app marketing does not stop when the user is acquired. Furthermore you need to make sure that this user has a value for you. The Problem is that within the first 3 days, 77% of the acquired users abandon the App already.

We can help you avoiding this phenomenon by:

  • acquiring high quality users that are more likely to stay active within your app
  • reaching out very targeted to existing customers and bringing them back to the app
  • re-engaging the user in the right moment and by that increasing your conversion rate

“ What you really need is an engaged user with a long
customer lifetime value.”


Your App Strategy

  • What are the mobile trends 2016 relevant for me?

  • Which channels fit my product the most?

  • Who gives me the best mobile marketplace insights?

  • How can I track my users in the most effective way?

  • What shall I begin with?

  • How do I approach the topic "app marketing" with all my open questions?


With our consulting approach we support you in every open topic around app marketing and guide you along the road to a successful app. Our experts share their knowledge with you about tracking optimization, finding the right channels, evaluating the best time frame and they help you to think out of the box. Contact us for first free evaluation.

“A good strategy in app marketing is half the battle to a successful app.”


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